RMC provides technical, scientific, and project management staff to support clients’ short- or long-term projects. Below are examples of the types of technical support we have recently provided to clients.

Environmental Field Support

  • Borehole drilling/logging
  • Well installation/development
  • Soil, groundwater, surface water, air, waste sampling
  • Aquifer testing/data analysis
  • Geotechnical testing

Technical/Scientific Support

  • Prepare permits and regulatory evaluations
  • Evaluate/interpret water-quality data
  • Prepare GIS maps/databases
  • Review oil and gas spill reports; review/approve remediation plans
  • Tracked review process for NEPA documents

Example Project: Technical Support to Colorado Soil and Gas Conservation Commission

RMC provided environmental staff to support COGCC’s Environmental Protection Specialists in evaluating spill reports, remediation work plans/remedial actions, site closures, violation notices and other documents related to the oil and gas industry. Typically, multiple forms related to a single facility were evaluated along with supporting reports and technical data, as well as communicating with operators (oil companies) and third-party environmental consultants involved in the project. After review, RMC personnel either closed the case or, when appropriate, or referred the case regional EPS personnel for further action/directives or enforcement actions.