RMC Consultants has a long record of with numerous agencies (e.g., Department of Interior, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Agriculture and others) providing technical support services aiding these agencies in achieving their stated mission and goals. Our extensive work history with these government entities, enables RMC to develop a complete understanding of the technical/scientific requirements, principles, practices, and guidelines for conducting work at the client’s site. We are committed at every corporate level to providing our clients the comprehensive technical, operational, and interpretive professional staffing expertise needed to fully complete projects and task orders.

Our management structure and sound management techniques allows us to recruit and retain the technical resources (i.e., science-based staff) to serve our government clientele. Effective management depends on clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, effective communication between on and off site project staff and the Client, and the ability to anticipate and resolve problems before they impact project performance. Our management structure is flexible and streamlined, allowing rapid response to client needs, providing tools necessary to manage project costs and schedules, and offering the Client direct access to corporate principals for rapid decision making. We offer staff that have first-hand knowledge of the specific technical requirements, e.g., oil and gas operations, environmental compliance, etc., as well as a sound understanding of biology, engineering and/or physical and natural science principles.

We are a well-organized, established firm that believes a service company’s success is based on its employees. In a small business, each individual is an integral part of the success and capability of the company. To foster an environment where employees produce their best work, RMC hires staff who fit the philosophy of the corporation, and we ensure their longevity by supplementing their compensation with a benefit package which encourages long-term retention and stability.

Continuing education, training and professional development are cornerstones of the employee benefits programs and backed through all levels of management. RMC encourages all employees to participate in the technical and professional societies of their choice and pays employee membership dues. The firm encourages professional registration by providing the necessary experience under the direction of registered professionals, and stresses that each qualified employee achieves a professional status at the earliest opportunity. All possible assistance in preparing for a professional registration is provided, and time off with pay will be granted for taking required examinations.

RMC maintains an applicant tracking database, advertises on national Internet sites and professional and trade journals, contacts college placement offices, and utilizes private staffing agencies and public employment services. We maintain a current database of candidates for all professional staffing levels and relevant disciplines. Through the use of this database, we have the capability to match skills, education, and experience to openings within the firm. The combination of these hiring avenues has resulted in a high quality staff that has the abilities, aptitudes, and attitudes which help meet RMC client and organizational goals.