The Big Thompson Watershed Coalition contracted with RMC to repair stream-bank erosion, construct floodplain grading and channel shaping, install stream stabilization structures (rock vanes, J-hooks, pools, riffles) and grade controls, and revegetation per a prepared 80-percent design. The project entailed stream-bank repair and rehabilitation along a 2,700 feet section of the Big Thompson River in the area of Jasper Lake, Larimer County, Colorado. The project was funded by Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program (CDBG) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Grant. RMC completed the following activities for this project:
* Identified and salvaged any transplantable trees and shrubs
* Stage all materials removed from the project area into stockpiles identified as disposal at landfill, rock and boulders for use for in-stream structures, topsoil/organics or reuse as fill on site
* Completed earthwork, channel shaping, and floodplain grading which included approximately 13,000 cubic yards of material.
* Constructed instream stabilization structures including; 3 J-hook features, 2 riffle features, boulder cascade structures, 7 mini-vane features, 2 point bar stabilization structures, installation of 2 large wood material structures, installation of wood toe bank protection structures and installation of 300 linear feet of boulder toe protection features.
* Removed the flood debris and sediment deposited during the September 2013 flood along a 2,700 feet section of the Big Thompson River.
* Revegetated project areas, including adding soil amendments, seeding, mulching, installing soil retention blankets, transplanting local live shrubs, and planting containerized and bare-root shrubs and trees

During restoration activity, we installed surveyor layout and grade control stakes and prepared surveyed as-built maps following the completion of the work. RMC worked closely with the Watershed Coalition, County representative, design engineers, and property owners during the restoration construction and warranty period to ensure a successful project outcome. The construction of the instream structures and revegetation was completed before the spring runoff started.

RMC’s client was the Big Thompson Watershed Coalition and the contract’s value was about $770K. As is typical, we were under a firm fixed price agreement and our role was that of the prime contractor. The project dates we re from March to May of 2017.