RMC Consultants provides clients with value-added environmental services to solve even the most complicated problems. From navigating the complex regulatory framework of RCRA/CERCLA requirements to completing straight-forward Transaction Screens and Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), RMC Consultants provides its customers with a high level of technical expertise, flexible and responsive project management, and solutions that meet or exceed the project objectives.

In short, with our environmental services the job gets done right the first time, while meeting the client’s budget and schedule. Unexpected conditions? Not a problem. Our staff is adept at modifying the project approach to accommodate unforeseen conditions—often without an increase in schedule or budget.

Site Assessment

  • Brownfields/Phase I ESAs
  • Site Hazardous Materials Assessments
  • Site Inventories
  • National Environmental Policy Act Environmental Assessments/Categorical Exclusions

Site Characterization

  • Phase II ESAs
  • Remedial Investigations/RCRA Facility Investigations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Long-term Groundwater Monitoring
  • Watershed Assessments

Site Remediation/Reclamation

  • Mine waste treatment/phytostabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Mine Waste Removal Action/Historic Structure Repair
  • Site Reclamation