This flood-restoration project, managed by Boulder County Parks & Open Space, had multiple stakeholders and came with partial funding from the NRCS Emergency Watershed Protection Program and the Colorado Water Conservation Board. RMC restored approximately two miles of S. St. Vrain Creek that was damaged by the September 2013 flood, including the main and overflow channels, banks, and riparian and upland areas to a safe, natural, resilient, functioning, and ecologically rich habitat using a holistic approach.
The work involved:
* Preparing Erosion/Sediment Control, Construction Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring, Spill Prevention, and Site Safety Plans
* Transferred CDPHE Stormwater Discharge and Construction Dewatering permits from BoCo to RMC; maintained compliance with permits by conducting stormwater inspections and submitting Discharge Monitoring Reports
* Constructed secured staging area, refueling area with secondary containment, flagged plants and trees that were to be preserved within construction area
* Conducted pre-construction surveys each week for the new work areas and/or monitored any previously identified active nests of migratory birds
* Constructed low-water crossing on road to quarry
* Graded main and overflow channels, banks, and floodplain according to plans
* Sorted onsite rock to meet specifications for different uses
* Transported 25,000 cubic yards of excess sediment offsite to the Andesite Mine for disposal
* Identified and imported trees to be used in woody structures
* Installed 16 riffle structures, dozens of large woody structures, pools, rock sills, and toe rock
* Revegetated disturbed areas: seeding, mulching with wood straw, transplanting local willows and dormant cottonwood poles, and planting containerized and bare-root shrubs and trees and tubelings.
* Harvested willow stakes from the surrounding area to be used in both stake planting and layering
The Contract Value was about $2.1M, and the type was a firm fixed unit price agreement to RMC’s role acting as prime. Project Dates: June to December, 2017