Dave joined RMC in April 2001 as the Environmental Division Manager. Dave is responsible for operations management, program management, allocating personnel resources, scheduling and budgeting, negotiating and costing program contracts and delivery orders, tracking financial and program progress, strategic planning and execution, and technical quality assurance.

Since 1982 Dave has assembled and effectively managed large multi-firm teams for complex programs and projects, promotes frequent and effective communication among team members and subcontractors, maintains a keen focus on client needs, and effectively identifies and obtains the required resources (both from within and outside the firm) to successfully exceed the client expectations.

Dave has direct management and practical business experience on a wide range of projects with the US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, US Department of Agriculture Forest Service, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other federal, state, and privately owned entities. Execution of these contracts included maintaining liaison between multiple contractors, monitoring multiple projects/tasks simultaneously, defining and refining program/project agendas, production of detailed reports, and implementing performance measures and indicators to successfully complete assignments.

Prior to joining RMC, Dave worked in environmental engineering consulting for 17 years , progressing to Senior Program Manager responsible for his firm’s largest multi-million dollar environmental contracts.

Dave holds a B.A. in Geology and a Masters of Environmental Policy and Management, and is a certified Professional Geologist.