When a site is thought to be contaminated, there will be a need to answer vital questions, such as:
  • How big is the problem?
  • Who and what is potentially affected?
  • How much will it cost to clean up?
Answers can be acquired through Site Characterization, or Subsurface Investigation or Site Delineation. RMC can assist by undertaking some or all of the following steps:
  • Data gap analysis
  • Detailed examination of lithology
  • Integration of regulatory requirements
  • Soil, soil-gas and/or groundwater sampling
  • Strategic borehole placement and drilling for 3-D delineation of the contamination
  • Data analysis and conceptual model update
  • Human health risk assessment

The goal is to a) define the extent of the problem, and b) collect the data necessary to develop a design and a realistic cost estimate to take the site through regulatory closure. Site Characterization requires experience, knowledge of geology, and an understanding of the nature of the chemicals released. In some instances a site requires multiple drilling events to characterize a release. When hiring the experienced professionals, RMC is very aware of the concern the client usually has in terms of the financial impact. Our technical expertise is always applied with this consideration in mind. RMC is well versed in federal, state and local regulations governing how data is collected and analyzed, and what cleanup levels will be required. Because our extensive Site Characterization experience that includes a deep awareness of remediation processes and regulations, our cost estimates are both reasonable and realistic.