Urbanization dramatically changes the condition of urban streams, due primarily to stormwater runoff drained via hydraulically efficient piping.

The impacts of urban stormwater runoff on streams alter stream flow regime, cause erosion and scouring of instream habitat, pollute water bodies by causing mobilization of pollutants from the catchments; and yield decreases in the biodiversity and ecological functions of waterways.

Many strategies exist to attempt to return the catchment-scale hydrology and stream flow regime in urban and suburban and even rural catchments as close as possible to the natural (pre-development) state. Techniques are attempted to improve stream health, reduce excess surface runoff and return lost base flow, all while treating polluted stormwater. RMC assists in these efforts by implementing solutions that promoting on-site stormwater control such as enhancing infiltration, evaporation, transpiration, storage, detention, harvesting and purification.