Project Summary

Location: Loveland, Colorado
Clients: City of Loveland
Contract Value: $355,000

RMC performed streambank repair and rehabilitation along the south bank of the Big Thompson River in at the Fire Training Grounds (FTG) and the Lincoln Avenue Bridge to repair damage caused by the September 2013 flooding. We worked with the Design Engineer and the Public Works Department to complete the field work within 25 days of notice to proceed—ensuring we completed all river work before the spring runoff.

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Streambank/Rehabilitation Tasks

  • Removed the flood debris and sediment deposited upstream and downstream of the Lincoln Avenue Bridge to maximize the stream capacity and produce fill material to repair the breach at the FTG
  • Repaired the breach from the Big Thompson River into a private pond
  • Repaired trail along repaired breach
  • Repaired and cleared excess debris and vegetation from the South Loveland Outfall drainage canal to minimize future canal flooding and erosion and stabilize the channel
  • Repaired the north bank of the river at the FTG:
    • Installed more than 1400 feet of riprap
    • Planted natural wetland and upland vegetation
    • Installed fish habitat structures and woody material in the river