Project Summary

Location: La Plata County, Colorado
Clients: Colorado Div. of Reclam. Mining & Safety
Contract Value: $240,603

The Boston Mine is located near Lightner Creek, on the flanks of Perin’s Peak above Durango, Colorado. It is an abandoned coal mine that historically operated from 1901 through 1926. There are approximately 4,000 cubic yards of coal waste on site, as well as an area of acidic water seeps. The mine property is now owned by Colorado Parks and Wildlife and is subject to closures during parts of the year to protect wildlife. The goal of the project was to reduce erosion at the site and reduce the volume of acidic water reaching Lightner Creek.

Site Reclamation Tasks

  • Constructed erosion control on 5 acres of coal mine waste on steep slopes using 11,000 linear feet of straw wattles
  • Amended soil with biochar and compost before applying seed and mulch for revegetation
  • Closed 1 mine shaft using polyurethane foam for public safety and to prevent water from infiltrating into the acid-producing coal-mine workings
  • Removed overflow pipes in the upper and lower ponds and replaced them with gentle rock-lined swales
  • Relocated an acid seep ditch to a newly constructed lower-angle ditch and filled the old seep ditch
  • Installed 7 wood log check-dams to control erosion in degrading run-off channel
  • Managed acid mine water during construction
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