Project Summary

Location: Brighton, Colorado
Client: City of Brighton
Contract Value: $1,641,000

This project involved constructing 9,000 linear feet of riprap berms at the Ken Mitchell Lakes Cell 1 water storage lake, a former gravel pit converted to store water for the City. RMC prepared Safety and Health, Erosion Control, and Traffic Control Plans prior to mobilizing to the site.

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Construction Tasks

  • Excavated and graded more than 33,000 square yards of embankment area over a 1-mile area
  • Dewatered sections of the berm which had water seeps and replaced clay soil replaced with drain material
  • Imported and placed more than 10,200 tons of bedding, 21,400 tons of Type L riprap, 150 tons of Type M riprap, and 2,700 tons of drain material
  • Conducted compaction testing prior to placing bedding material and riprap
  • Mulched, fertilized, and reseeded 7 acres of disturbed land
  • Prepared as-built drawings of completed work after site was surveyed