Project Summary

Contract Value: $3,905,000
(through 7/2018)

RMC has completed 93 AML closure projects for the CDRMS across the State of Colorado from 2007 to present. Each project was awarded to RMC through a competitive fixed-price bid. Many of the projects were located in sensitive, high-altitude environments that contained cultural resources and/or wildlife/vegetation species of concern. We carefully evaluate each feature to be closed at each site to identify the best, cost-effective, closure procedures. When necessary, we install stormwater controls and re-vegetate disturbed areas on a consistent basis.
Before initiating any project, RMC prepares a Health and Safety Plan for the project and as a results, has had zero safety incidents (Over Corporate EMR is 0.85). We consistently receive excellent project evaluations from CDRMS project managers and have routinely been called out to support them on emergency closure projects.

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Summary of CDRMS Safety Closures

Type of Closure No.
Adit/Shaft/stope backfill 206
Adit bulkhead 33
Cable nets 17
Polyurethane foam 38
Corrugated steel/PVC pipe 80
Cast in place concrete 3
Bat-friendly grate or cupola 53
Barbwire fencing 2
Shaft air grate 16
Total 448