Project Summary

Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Client: General Services Administration
Contract Value: $49,000

The General Services Administration (GSA) manages the DFC for its federal clients and other tenants. The GSA updated the DFC Master Plan to provide a new vision and development strategy for the DFC over the next 20 years. The new Master Plan provided a framework for the proposed land use; community design; and environmental, market, transportation, and infrastructure improvements. The existing Wildlife Management Plan (WMP) identified four areas that were potentially suitable for wildlife protection; however, these areas were shown to provide marginal habitat and were not recommended for protection in the Environmental Impact Statement for the Master Plan.

RMC prepared an EA to evaluate the potential impacts resulting from the proposed action to implement a revised WMP that removes protection for the four areas identified in the previous WMP and provided new strategies for managing prairie dogs, Canada goose, and coyotes. . As part of this assessment, RMC conducted a site visit to characterize the current prairie dog habitat and populations at the DFC.
The EA analysis identified only one potential negative impact of the proposed action— removal of prairie dogs from the DFC would remove a prey base for some predators. However, as development progresses, predators will begin to forage in other areas or switch to another prey.