Project Summary

Location: California, Arizona, Nevada
Contract Value: $1,078,000
As a member of a joint venture, RMC closed 140 AML features at four NPS areas:
  • Death Valley National Park, Calif.
  • Organ Pipe National Monument, Ariz.
  • Lake Mead Nat’l Recreation Area, Nev.
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz.

These projects were all conducted in very remote areas, which often required crews to pack in or use helicopters to stage the equipment and materials needed for the closures. Extreme heat required close monitoring of workers to ensure worker safety. Our crews received training in preventing the spread of White-nose Syndrome, as well as avoiding the endangered desert tortoise and leaf-nosed bats. They were also careful to avoid damaging cultural resources at the various sites.

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Type of Closure No.
Shaft/stope backfill 4
Adit backfill 4
Cable net 46
Polyurethane foam 24
Corrugated steel pipe 14
Bat-friendly grate or cupola 45
Barbwire fencing 1
Chain-link fence 1
Shaft air grate 1
Total 140