RMC performed pedestrian trail & bridge construction – and repair – on a variety of trails in the City of Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder and Loveland, Colorado. Some pedestrian trail segments were damaged and in one case over 2,000 linear feet of trail was simultaneously repaired and still actively used by the public during construction. We use excavators backhoes (trackhoes, and even a crane tolift a bridge in place), double drum rollers, stand-behind compactors, skidsteer, tandem dump trucks, end-dump trucks, and dump trailers during the sequencing of our projects. We manage public access by posting traffic control signs, provide flaggers, all while still maintaining public use of the trail system during construction activities. Certain sections of the pedestrian trail are temporarily closed to the public but our construction activities are minimized to the greatest extent possible to reduce closures. The trail repair work included the following tasks:

    • Grading and filling of eroded trail sections to achieve proper drainage controls
    • Top dressing and compacting all trail sections with approved materials
    • Removing flood-deposited debris as well as Sawcut, remove and disposed of damaged asphalt
    • Armoring stream bank segments with riprap ranging from 18 to 36 inch based on design criteria.
    • Installing grouted riprap around bridge abutments
    • Repairing damaged asphalt sections of trail as necessary as well as pour in place new asphalt
    • Revegetating by reseeding areas with specific vegetation mix and adding erosion control blankets on certain slopes.

Near the Big Thompson River that flows through the City of Loveland, we also replaced a pedestrian foot bridge and four concrete trail sections, graded the area, bank protection and bank lowering, and installed stormwater outlets. The pedestrian bridge work involved constructing new bridge abutments, installing a 130-foot span pedestrian bridge, trail construction of a new concrete trail section, and grading the river bank and overbank areas. The bridge was built in two sections, which were shipped to the site for installation. RMC completed the concrete trail, bridge abutments and the pedestrian bridge, grading, and seeding.

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