RMC’s success is reflected in the people who give their energy and effort to enhancing the circumstances of the clients we serve. Our staff are encouraged to articulate their views, and experiment with any ideas that make their work easier and perform more efficiently. We like to think we hire and work with good people, people who are given the room they need to excel in their craft. Please reach out to any members of our team to get a sense of who we are.

Richard Valdez
President & CEO
David Groy
Senior Vice President and Manager, Environmental Division
Brian Sweet
Senior Project Manager, Environmental Geologist
Claude Murray
Project Management Professional
Ron Wallick
Lisa Rae Jefferson
Office Manager & Accounting Administrator
Joseph Mastromarchi
Environmental Project Manager
Kelly Hranac
Senior Hydrogeologist/Proposal Manager
Jennifer Hussey
Senior Environmental Geologist
Jason Kahlert
Senior Environmental Geologist
Keith Schoeman
Environmental Project Manager