The Big Thompson River that traverses through the City of Loveland, Colorado flooded in 2013. This recovery project follows the Big Thompson River from Wilson Avenue, downstream to Taft Avenue, and into Centennial Park to 1st Street. The project entailed replacing a bridge and four concrete trail sections, grading, bank protection and bank lowering, installing stormwater outlets, and related items. The flood recovery efforts were focused in five primary areas in the City: the Pedestrian Bridge Area, Avulsion Site, Middle Trail Area, Taft Avenue Trail Area, and Centennial Park.

Pedestrian Bridge Area: Work in this area involved constructing new bridge abutments, installing a 130-foot span pedestrian bridge, constructing a new concrete trail section, and grading the river bank and overbank areas. The bridge was built in two sections, which were shipped to the site for installation. RMC completed the concrete trail, bridge abutments and the pedestrian bridge, grading, and seeding.

Avulsion Site: Work in this area included removing the existing berm along the river, as well as rubble and trees deposited by the flood; grading of the right bank of the river and other areas; installing buried bank protection along the river bank, erosion protection in several areas, and a stormwater outlet; and constructing new trail sections.

Middle Trail, Taft Avenue Trail, and Centennial Park: Work in these areas involved grading and constructing two new trail sections. RMC also installed new culverts under the trail east and west of Taft Avenue.

RMC’s client was the City of Loveland, Colorado and the contract’s value was over $950,000. This contract was a firm fixed price effort and RMC’s role was as prime contractor. The project dates were: from December of 2016 to April of 2017.